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 Application for Moderator

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Application for Moderator Empty
PostSubject: Application for Moderator   Application for Moderator EmptyTue 19 Feb - 23:26

*Minecraft Username: Chrono4111

Real Name: James

Age: 24

*Timezone: EST

*How long have you been playing on Smerg?: Since before It went public. Since day one!

*How often do you intend to continue being on Smerg?: Well i'm building a lot in the build zone and hoping some of my parkours will eventually become events! I'm also extremely helpful if people need anything.

*Give the names of Staff (Assist, Mod, or Admin) who would vouch for you: Bailboy91, and maybe robotrain

*What makes you the best applicant for Assistant, and future Staff positions?: Well i'm good friends with the owner and would love to help grow the server in the appropriate direction. :o
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Moderator   Application for Moderator EmptyWed 20 Feb - 0:00

This section of the forums is for Assistant Applications. That being said, you cannot apply for Moderator, as it is the second tier of Staff. If you wish to apply for Assistant, the first tier in Staff hierarchy, please submit another application.
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Application for Moderator
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