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Rank Explanations Empty
PostSubject: Rank Explanations   Rank Explanations EmptyFri 22 Feb - 22:34

Smerg Rank Explanations

Each rank includes all perks and perms of those beneath them, as well as their specific perks and perms.

Player Ranks

- Default Rank for all server players.
--- Access to all basic commands -and- /kit woodkit

- Attainable by applying on the Smerg Forums
- Given to players who have played on Smerg -and- appropriately filled out an Application
--- Access to /kit stonekit

- Cannot be applied for
- Attainable by being trustworthy and being routinely active on Smerg
--- Access to /kit ironkit -and- /kit water -and- /kit lava

- Cannot be applied for
- Given to players in the Citizen rank who go above and beyond to be outstanding players
--- Access to /kit torch -and- /kit smoothstone

Mason - Artiste - Inventor
- Cannot be applied for
- Full-fledged descriptions coming soon!

Staff Ranks

- Attainable by applying on the Smerg Forums
- First Tier of the Staff Ranks
- Helps maintain order and ensure players’ experience on the server is enjoyable and fair
- Enforces Server Rules

- Cannot be applied for
- Second Tier of the Staff Ranks
- Maintains Player-side Server Stability
- Essentially craft the feel and theme of the server in real-time
- Can enforce rules with stronger conviction and harsher penalties

- Cannot be applied for
- Final Tier of the Staff Ranks
- Maintains Server Stability in terms of:
--- Console access
--- Plugin and Server editing ability
- Top Authority in Staff On-goings
- Answers directly to the Owner

- bailboy91
- He literally owns the Server. He built the physical machine on-which the Server runs.
- He’s cool.
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Rank Explanations
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