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 Some Suggestions

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PostSubject: Some Suggestions    Mon 25 Feb - 0:11

I am posting this because the permissions for this section aren't quiet correct.

Afropenguin as requested mcMMO:

This would a lot more depth to our server. I will have Afro chime in in the comments for this one.

Steveved has suggest BALKON'S WEAPONMOD:

This actually looks like a really fun mod. I will have Steveved chime in in the comments as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Suggestions    Mon 25 Feb - 0:15

The Balkon's Weapon Mod is a fun and neat little mod, it adds a lot more weapons: Melee, Ranged, Special, etc. It also adds in a practice dummy. I hope you all enjoy it! It was also the first mod I downloaded.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Suggestions    Mon 25 Feb - 0:17

I really think that both of these would be really fun! I like it. I think that the WeaponMod is really PvP based. But either way i would enjoy seeing both of theses plugins/mods installed and tested!

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PostSubject: Re: Some Suggestions    Tue 26 Feb - 1:37


I'm all for getting mcMMO, as it's a wonderfully useful and versatile plugin, but we are currently considering the amount of drag it may cause on the server, to try and save all of the information for every player.

Because the server is personally (and professionally) built and owned, the physical capabilities are always a concern

Despite this, mcMMO is high on our priority list for "must-get" features.

Balkon's Weaponmod:

This mod is really intended for PvP usage, and not so much SMP. It can be used for this, but will drastically change the SMP gameplay from its intended (and our desired) style. Hence, it's a "mod".

If we were a PvP dedicated server, we might consider this mod more heavily. However, as the majority of players are SMP-side, we are more focused there and will continue to be for as long as players are. I do not think we should use this mod.

However, this is a forum for discussion. If you think we should, please tell me why. Do not consider my word on this a be-all-end-all. Without player input, this forum is not a discussion, and therefore worthless.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Suggestions    Thu 11 Apr - 22:52

I think it would be neat to be able to set "favorite" locations, so that you could tele to anyone's house that you wished. Also if one finds a good mining location or anything along those lines.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Suggestions    

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Some Suggestions
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