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 Server Rules for Smerg

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PostSubject: Server Rules for Smerg   Server Rules for Smerg EmptyTue 12 Feb - 2:24

Server Rules for Smerg

These are the Official Server Rules for Smerg! Any and all rules applied below are adherent to all players in Smerg and must be followed as such. Any violation of the following rules will be dealt with by Staff accordingly, regardless of a player’s time, rank, affiliation, or contributions (monetary or content) to the server. Participating in actions on the Smerg Server is automatic recognition of the existence of these rules, affirmation of understanding of these rules, and agreement to adhere to these rules.


Rules are Categorized as Follows:

I. Griefing
a. Definition
b. Griefing
c. Reporting Griefs
d. Fixing Griefs
e. Grief Removal
f. Staff Griefing

II. Stealing
a. Definition
b. Chest Stealing
c. Death Stealing

III. Health Damage and PVP
a. PvP
b. Creating Player Death Traps
c. Non-punishable Murder/Violence

IV. Building Rules
a. Player Properties
b. Towns and Communities
c. Pillars
d. Lag Generating Structures
e. Duplication Machines
f. Diamond and Emerald Blocks
g. Inappropriate Building

V. Blacklisted and Spawned Items
a. Blacklisted Items
b. Lava and Water Blocks

VI. Contributor Perks
a. Usage of Perks
b. /item or /i
c. Prefixes
d. Contribution Totals
e. Misuse of Contributor Perks

VII. Appealing Bans
a. Appeal Rights
b. Evading the BanHammer

VIII. Player Conduct
a. Player and Staff Respect
b. Chat Etiquette
c. Server Promotion
d. Spamming

IX. Client-Side Mods
a. Banned Client-Side Mods/ModPacks
b. Allowed Client-Side Mods/ModPacks
c. Texture Packs

X. Multiple and Alternate Accounts
a. Alternate Accounts

XI. Staff Rules
a. Staff Responsibility
b. Reprimandation Procedures
c. WorldEdit
d. Bukkit and Server Editing Commands
e. Demotion

Section XII. Loopholes
a. Exploiting Loopholes for Personal Gain
b. Reporting Loopholes
c. Unwritten and Undiscovered Rules

XIII. Disclaimer

Section I: Griefing

a. What is Griefing?
Griefing can be defined as:
- Acting in a purposeful manner meant to depreciate or destroy the gameplay experience of other players inhabiting the Server (hereby now known as “Smerg”).

Griefing is not permitted unless an Admin or World Rule specifically denotes otherwise!

- Actions considered griefing are as follows:
-- Destroying blocks placed by another players(s) without their consent
-- Building upon blocks already placed by another player(s) without their consent
-- Building in an area defined as the property of another player(s) without their consent
-- Purposefully causing a gross amount of lag upon the server
-- Only partially destroying trees in a manner which leaves “Floating Trees”
-- Building single-block-wide pillars without future purpose and not destroying them afterwards
-- Spamming chat with repeated text
-- Using ALLCaps in chat, repeatedly

b. Griefing
- Griefs will result in Staff taking the appropriate action to apprehend, and reprimand, the suspected Griefer. Should the Griefer prove uncooperative, an escalation of force will be used. Should the Griefer prove both uncooperative and unresentful, a ban will be issued and a ban noticed posted to the forums, where said ban may be appealed.

c. Reporting Griefs
There are several effective ways to report Griefs, none of which require picture evidence, but all of which can be expedited through such.

- Contact a Staff member in-game and ask for assistance.
- Post a topic on the forums under the Grief Report
-- For chat spamming, this will require picture evidence
-- For physical block griefing, this will require a location, such as coordinates
- Send a private message to any member of Staff via the forums or in-game
-- On the forums, this will require picture evidence
-- For physical block griefing, this will require a location, such as coordinates

d. Fixing Griefs
- Players who have had their builds griefed are entitled to a complete reimbursement of the total sum of blocks lost to the Grief.
- Staff members are not required to help rebuild builds damaged in the Grief.
- Staff may not be held accountable for Griefs performed general players of the Smerg.
- A Staff member may be held accountable for knowingly allowing a general player of Smerg to perform a Grief.

e. Grief Removal
- Griefs must be reported within a full seven-day period (i.e. Sunday to Sunday) to be reimbursed for said Griefs.
- Griefs which extend past the full seven-day reporting period without being reported are wholly subject to complete removal by a member of Staff without requirement of reimbursement, nor a requirement of announcement.

f. Staff Griefing
- Any action taken by Staff which counteracts Staff’s responsibilities is considered Staff Griefing
-- Players are required to report Staff Griefing as they would any other grief
-- Visual evidence will be required for these claims

Section II: Stealing

a. Stealing is defined as:
- The taking of another player’s items or blocks from their possession, and into the possession of the player taking them.

- Stealing is considered another form of Griefing, and perpetrators thereof will be dealt with accordingly.
- This is strictly prohibited unless otherwise denoted by an Admin or a World Rule!
- Staff members are not required to reimburse stolen items unless picture evidence or a confession can be presented as evidence.

b. Chest Stealing
- Removing items from a player’s chest(s) other than your own without that player’s permission is Chest Stealing.
- A member of Staff may check the contents of any chest(s) for prohibited items and remove only these prohibited items without consequence.

c. Death Stealing
- Upon death, players are entitled to collect the dropped contents of their inventories.
- Upon the death of other players, you may not collect the items dropped from their inventories without their consent.
- Collecting a player’s dropped item(s) will require you to reimburse that player.

Section III. Damaging Health and PVP

a. PVP
PVP is defined as Player-vs.-Player action in which one or both players are attempting to damage one another’s health with or without consent, mutual or otherwise.

- No forms of pvp are permitted in any area other than the world: North.
- Actions to be considered PVP are as follows:
-- Using tools to damage a player’s health
-- Using weapons to damage a player’s health
-- Using general items or hand to damage a player’s health
-- Using potions to damage a player’s health
-- Spawning lava or water with the intent to cause damage to a player’s health
-- Pushing a player off of a surface to cause fall damage to that player’s health

b. Creating Player Death Traps
- Player Traps are defined as areas or mechanisms designed and built with the intent to trap and/or damage a player’s health
- Player Traps are allowed in all of Smerg with the following restrictions
-- The Trap must be clearly marked in SMP if there is even a slight chance of death
-- Player Death Traps in SMP which are not clearly marked are a bannable offense
- There are no restrictions on Player Traps in PVP in the world: North
- If a player takes health damage in a clearly marked trap, it is the participant’s fault

c. Non-punishable Murder/Violence (considered self-inflicted)
- If you are killed by a pet (i.e. wolf)
-- This action is caused by attacking an NPC which is programmed to attack back
- Dying in a parkour course
-- Not considered a trap if clearly marked for risk of death
- Dying in a clearly marked Player Death Trap in SMP
-- Participant’s fault for death if Player Death Trap is clearly marked

Section IV. Building Rules

a. Player “Properties”
- A Player Property is defined as the area encompassed within the limits of that player’s build PLUS 5 blocks outwards in each direction

-- Building within another player’s property is considered griefing
-- Players are not allowed to fence/block off and claim large areas of land of untouched land
-- Established Player-built Towns/Communities may give or take land from inhabitants of that town/community
-- Any property or building disputes are solvable at Staff members’ discretion

b. Towns and Communities
- Towns and communities may establish their own rules
-- These rules are binding within the established limits of that specific town/community
-- Town/community rules must conform to Smerg’s overall rules

c. Pillars
- Creation of single-block-wide pillars is permitted if they are for utility purposes
- Single-block-side pillars must be destroyed if for one-time use only
- Staff may use discretion in removing single-block-wide pillars if considered trash/pointless

d. Lag Generating Structures
- Any build generating detrimental amounts of lag are prohibted
- Staff members have authority to disable or remove such builds
- Redstone clocks are specifically prohibited
-- Exceptions are only if a manner of reducing lag is implemented
-- The decision to disable/remove such builds is at Staff members’ discretion

e. Duplicating Machines (Duping Machines)
- Minecraft’s 1.7+ Update introduced pistons capable of duplicating items
- These machines or utilization of pistons in this manner is prohibited.

f. Diamond and Emerald Blocks
- Building with Diamond blocks is allowed but advised against
-- Diamond blocks are high-value grief targets
- Building with Emerald blocks is prohibited
-- Emerald blocks have shown a few instances of creating DeathBlock glitches
-- Until we can determine this won’t happen, they’re considered unsafe and a bannable offense

g. Inappropriate Building
- The building of structures specifically resembling genitalia is prohibited
-- This includes genitalia of any sort
- The building of text to spell out disrespectful or inappropriate words is prohibited
- Whether a structure/building falls under this category is at the discretion of Staff members

Section V. Blacklisted and Spawned Items

a. Blacklisted Items
- Any player caught using or storing any of the following other than as permitted will be banned

- TNT Blocks
-- Allowed ONLY in the world: North
- Fire Blocks
-- Allowed only for building by Donators and Staff
- Splash Potions
-- Poison
--- Allowed ONLY in the world: North
- Mob Spawning Eggs
-- Allowed ONLY with permission of a Moderator or higher
- Fire Charges
-- Prohibited

b. Lava and Water Blocks
- Donators, Citizen+, and up are the only ranks allowed to place these blocks
- Storing these blocks in any chest or other area is strictly prohibited
- These blocks may be used to benefit other players
-- i.e. cobble machine, trashcan, etc.

Section VI. Contribution Perks

a. Usage of Perks
- Usage of Contribution Perks is for the player who donated only
- Misuse of Contribution Perks (defined in following rules) is a bannable offense
- Contributing does not give players the right/privilege of breaking server rules

b. /item or /i
- Spawned items may not be given to other players
-- Only exceptions are as follows:
--- If a player is assisting a Contributor with a build
--- If the Contributor is assisting another player with a build
---- In these instances, only the exact amount of items/tools needed may be exchanged
- Spawned items may not be used in any case involving trading or selling/buying of items

c. Custom Prefixes
- Prefixes may not exceed 10 characters in length
- Prefixes may not reflect any kind of ownership of the server
- Prefixes may not contain the color &4 (Dark Red)
- Prefixes may not imitate ranks higher than that of the Contributor
- Prefixes may not contain inappropriate content (i.e. racism, curse-words)
- Prefixes, and colors, may not be changed more often than twice a month

d. Contribution Totals (aka: Contributing for Someone Else)
- Placing a Contribution in someone else’s name is allowed
-- These Contributions will not be added to the actual Contributor's total
-- These Contribution will be added to the total of the player, in-whose name the Contribution was made
-- There is no limit to the amount someone may contribute in someone else’s name
- Contributing in someone else’s name does not make the actual Contributor responsible for the actions of the person, in-whose name the contribution was made

e. Misuse of Contributor Perks
- Blatant misuse of Contributor Perks will result in retraction of the Perks
-- No refund will be made for retracted Perks at any time

Section VII. Appealing a Ban

a. Appeal Rights
- Any player who is banned may appeal the ban in the Appellate Court section of the Forums
-- Smerg Forums -> GIRS -> Appealate Court -> New Topic
- All appeals must follow the Appeals Format or they will not be considered
- Appeals must have the reason for the ban included or they will not be considered
- An appeal is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card
-- Each appeal will be considered on a case-by-case basis

b. Evading the BanHammer
- Any players who are banned are prohibited from returning to the server
-- Utilizing multiple accounts will result in an IP Ban for a permanent duration of time

Section VIII. Player Conduct

a. Player and Staff Respect
- Players are expected to show a high level of respect
-- This respect is well deserved by both other players and Staff members
- Any conduct deemed disrespectful is at the discretion of Staff members
- The authority to reprimand players based on the level of respect is hereby known as the Respect Discrection

b. Chat Etiquette
- Smerg is considered a PG-13 age-level server
-- Swearing and sexual content are allowed
--- This content falls under the Respect Discretion
-- Repeatedly using offensive content after being asked to stop by any player or staff member is prohibited
- Public chat must be in the English language
-- Private messages may be any language
- This content falls under the Respect Discretion

c. Server Promotion
- Promotion of servers other than Smerg is strictly prohibited
-- We love our fellow servers, but this server is for Smerg players, not other servers
- This content falls under the Respect Discretion

d. Spamming
- Spamming is deemed Griefing as stated in Section I.
-- This content falls under the Respect Discretion

Section IX. Client-Side Mods

a. Banned Client-Side Mods/ModPacks
- Mods that provide an exception and unfair advantage over other players are prohibited
- The following are specific examples
-- Zombe’s Mod (Client-Side Mod Pack)
-- Nodus (Client-Side Mod Pack)
-- Xray Mods
-- FullBright Mod

b. Allowed Client-Side Mods/ModPacks
- Mods not listed here are considered PROHIBITED
- The following Client-Side Mods are allowed
-- Client-Side Mini Maps
-- Optifine
-- Better Chat
--- This content falls under the Respect Discretion
-- Too Many Items

c. Texture Packs
- Any texture pack may be used on Smerg other than the following
-- Use of any kind of Xray pack is a bannable offense

Section X. Multiple and Alternate Accounts

a. Alternate Accounts
- Both Players and Staff may use alternate accounts
-- These accounts will not be mirrored in perms and ranks
-- Donations Perks will only apply to one account per player
- Bannable offenses performed on one account will result in a ban of all accounts
- Alternate accounts must be reported as such in the Member Application

Section XI. Staff Rules

a. Staff Responsibility
- Staff has the responsibility to assist players when actual assistance is required
-- Failure to provide assistance will result in a demotion
-- Causing harm to the server, or its players, will result in a demotion
- Abuse of Staff powers will result in a demotion

b. Reprimandation Procedures
- The following procedure must followed before using /kick or /ban

- A Chat warning MUST be given to the player suspected of breaking rules FIRST
-- If the player continues their prohibited actions
--- For minor offenses, an immediate /kick is allowed
--- For offenses deemed detrimental to the server, an immediate /ban is allowed
-- If the player stops the prohibited actions
--- Staff members may interrogate the player
--- Public shaming is not a part of this process, and considered uncouth
- Upon the player showing no remorse or intent to stop, /ban may be applied
- A Ban Report must be filled out in the appropriate format on the Forums
-- Any ban not represented in the appropriate format will be reversed
--- Only after an appropriate appeal is made by the banned player

c. WorldEdit
- Use of WorldEdit is for specified Staff members only
- Misuse of WorldEdit can cause severe Server destruction
-- Misuse will result in a removal of WorldEdit perms
-- Intentional misuse cases will result in a demotion

d. Bukkit and Server Editing Commands
- Commands with potential to change settings on the server are to be used for official and legitimate assistance of Smerg players only
- Misuse of these commands will result in an immediate demotion
- Examples
-- /time
-- /tp

e. Demotion
- Demotion is the result of the following:
-- Breaking any Server Rules
-- Consistent inactivity extending past two weeks in time
--- Any IRL cases interrupting Staff business will be discussed to avoid this
-- Misuse of Staff Powers
-- Purposefully ignoring and not helping players who need assistance

Section XII. Loopholes

a. Exploiting Loopholes for Personal Gain
- Players found guilty of knowingly exploiting Loopholes for personal gain will be reprimanded
-- Minimum: TempBan

b. Reporting Loopholes
- Reporting Loopholes is considered a mandatory action
-- Awards for reporting loopholes is at Staff members’ discretion
- Not reporting a Loophole is considered a punishable offense

c. Unwritten and Undiscovered Rules
- Staff has the authority to reprimand players at that a level appropriate for the considered offense
-- Sufficient evidence must be provided to prove that action was necessary

Section XIII. Disclaimer

Smerg is a server, in a game. All of the above rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Server Owner (bailboy91) and the server Administrators, with the approval of the Server Owner. Playing on the Smerg Server is an agreement to follow all of the above rules.
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Server Rules for Smerg
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