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 battle arena!

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PostSubject: battle arena!   battle arena! EmptyWed 27 Mar - 19:21

Hey everyone! just letting you know that i have finished a battle arena! (with the help of chrono Wink)
its located in the pvp world at -451,157 so feel free to go check it out. hoping to get portals too and from it in the pvp spawn or pvp hub, hint hint ivan Smile,

right now it is set up for 1v1 in a hunger games style (run to chests and gather weapons/ armor) but that can all be changed.

the entire arena is a pvp zone, aside from the battle floor of course.

the rules/directions are posted in the arena, but ill go ahead and type them below.

im open to suggestions for layouts of the battle floor, ive already got a few ideas. just let me know what you guys think/want!

battle arena! Arena_zps28eaec07

before you enter the staging zone, empty all items in your inventories into the chest provided, there are signs in the chests so you can lock them(make sure you remove signs when you are done), your inventories will be cleared when you are staged.

for the two that are battling, there will be prizes given(diamonds, emeralds, or???)
the players battling can also wager items, items do not have to be the same as long as both players agree to the items/amounts. any wagers will be given to the admin running the event, aka me.
spectators may also make wagers, you can either do it between yourselves, or you can have me hold the items being wagered, i really dont mind.
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PostSubject: Re: battle arena!   battle arena! EmptySun 31 Mar - 19:57

Google Chrome for the win!
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PostSubject: Re: battle arena!   battle arena! EmptyWed 3 Apr - 23:36

I'll be making the portals too/from the pvp hub... as soon as i figure that out.. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: battle arena!   battle arena! Empty

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battle arena!
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