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 Weird Item Lag

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Weird Item Lag Empty
PostSubject: Weird Item Lag   Weird Item Lag EmptyMon 1 Apr - 21:12

I keep getting this weird lag whenever I try and craft things. I've even had some items, although not important ones, deleted somehow. It's not really that big of an issue, just really frustrating.

video proof

(I forgot to turn my ingame sound on, so I just added in some background music.)

Does anyone know what's causing this? It's not my computer or internet connection because this never happened until the 1.5.1 server update.
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Weird Item Lag Empty
PostSubject: Re: Weird Item Lag   Weird Item Lag EmptyWed 3 Apr - 23:21

Yes, I was able to pin point the problem to nocheatplus. out anticheat plugin. i updated it along with the other plugins and even craftbukkit. Everyone is reporting this issue resolved now.
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Weird Item Lag
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