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 Roboterlein is here to Administrate!

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PostSubject: Roboterlein is here to Administrate!   Sat 16 Feb - 1:56

Username: Roboterlein

Real name: Ivan

Timezone: EST

I personally love the depth we can go to manipulate and customize Minecraft to create an entire world just for others to enjoy. Or MULTIPLE worlds. Or ENTIRE UNIVERSES!

I've helped design, administrate and bring around the inception of Smerg. I've been very excited about the prospect of assisting in the creation of a Minecraft server since MC was originally released for public play back in my college haydays. The Owner, bailboy91, has been teasing me with this prospect for sometime now, I feel, and we've finally been able to go through with it.

I am beyond ecstatic with the possibility to administrate and maintain Smerg for you, the players, to enjoy. I look forward to playing alongside you.
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Roboterlein is here to Administrate!
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